Schedule Whatsapp Messages?

If you have an android, go to the play store and download Scheduler for WhatsApp App on your smartphone. Install the app on your Android phone and open it, you will get a dialogue box on your screen asking you about the accessibility settings. Just tap on OK and continue the further procedure. The rest … Continue reading Schedule Whatsapp Messages?


Create Appointments From Chrome?

To create events directly from Chrome, write ‘make an appointment for’ followed by time or date of appointment. Et Voila, there’s your create event link! Click Create Event. Google will automatically create and instantly add that event to your calendar.

Change your MAC address on MAC?

A MAC address, or a Media Access Control address, is a unique identifier that is assigned to the network interface of a machine. On your Mac, this is the unique hardware identifier for the WiFi or Ethernet card inside it. Every device has a unique MAC address, because if more than one device on the … Continue reading Change your MAC address on MAC?

Colored Folders in Windows?

Step 1. Step 1. You need to download FolderIco from and install it. Step 2. After installing, go to explorer and right-click on any folder and it will open the context menu Step 3. you will see the option “Change Folder Icon” you need to move your cursor there and you will find a new submenu. … Continue reading Colored Folders in Windows?

Retrieved Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos, Videos?

Step 1: First of all,You will have to Click here  ( to open Facebook General account Settings. Step 2: Once you open your general settings, you will see Download a Copy of your Facebook Data, So click on it to. Step 3: On the Next page you will see a Download Archive Button, Click on it and … Continue reading Retrieved Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos, Videos?

Your Mobile Screen on your Laptop?

Install Teamviewer ( on both your computer and mobile (app and server) and you will be able to remotely browse your android from your computer and vice versa. If you are a mobile app teacher, it is amazing to project apps in your classroom.  You can: Connect to mobile devices from any Windows, macOS, or Linux computer, or … Continue reading Your Mobile Screen on your Laptop?

The F keys On Your Keyboard?

F1 Almost always used as the help key, almost every program opens a help screen when this key is pressed. Enter CMOS Setup. Windows Key + F1 would open the Microsoft Windows help and support center. Open the Task Pane F2 In Windows renames a highlighted icon, file, or folder in all versions of Windows. Alt + Ctrl + F2 opens document … Continue reading The F keys On Your Keyboard?

10 other Search Engines?

10 Search Engines that are very useful for specific searches: Lets you search and download files from file sharing and uploading sites. Can’t hack Craigslist? Not sure if you’re in the market for a bike or a boat? This meta-search engine finds free online classified ads of all kinds. What are the words to “Sugar, … Continue reading 10 other Search Engines?

Summarize Generators?

Article Summarizer Online: This tool is the most used in the category of online summarizers because it is the fastest. SMMRY: For quick results and accurate summaries . Automatic Text Summarizer: Copy and paste your text into the box allotted and then start with the summarization in an instant. Helpful Papers: Summarize documents with this … Continue reading Summarize Generators?

Stop Google From Collecting Your Data?

If you are using CHROME as a browser, this Chrome extension tells the Google Analytics JavaScript not to send information to Google Analytics. To provide website visitors the ability to prevent their data from being collected and used by Google Analytics, we have developed the Google Analytics opt out Browser extension for the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js, … Continue reading Stop Google From Collecting Your Data?

YouTube URL Tricks?

 Just Replace “youtube” with “listentoyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar to download the audio of the video. Just Replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar  to download the video in any quality available. Just Replace “youtube” with “nsfwyoutube” and paste it in your … Continue reading YouTube URL Tricks?

Whatsapp On Your Laptop?

Steps: 1. Go to and read the QR on the page with your mobile app: QR Reader (download one if you don't have the app already). 2. Go to your mobile Whatsapp and press "Whatsapp Web" from the 3-point drop down menu on the upper right side of the screen and.... tada! It's on … Continue reading Whatsapp On Your Laptop?