Computer Acronyms?

--- A --- ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber LineAGP - Accelerated Graphics PortALI - Acer Labs, IncorporatedALU - Arithmetic Logic UnitAMD - Advanced Micro DevicesAPC - American Power ConversionASCII - American Standard Code for Information InterchangeASIC - Application Specific Integrated CircuitASPI - Advanced SCSI Programming InterfaceAT - Advanced TechnologyATI - ATI Technologies Inc.ATX - Advanced … Continue reading Computer Acronyms?

Smarter Netflix Experience?

First, here are the shortcuts: Space/Enter: Play/Pause PgUp: Play (PC only) PgDn: Pause (PC only) F: Full Screen Esc: Exit full screen Shift+Left arrow: Rewind Shift+Right arrow: Fast forward Up arrow: Volume up Down arrow: Volume down M: Mute on/off   Second, you can toggle and browse other than your regular options: Toggle between High Resolution and Low Resolution: List Order: Subtitle … Continue reading Smarter Netflix Experience?

List of all Chrome URLs?

Here's a list of  all Chrome URLs: chrome://accessibility chrome://appcache-internals chrome://apps chrome://autofill-internals chrome://blob-internals chrome://bluetooth-internals chrome://bookmarks chrome://chrome-urls chrome://components chrome://crashes chrome://credits chrome://device-log chrome://devices chrome://dino chrome://discards chrome://download-internals chrome://downloads chrome://extensions chrome://flags chrome://gcm-internals chrome://gpu chrome://help chrome://histograms chrome://history chrome://indexeddb-internals chrome://inspect chrome://interstitials chrome://interventions-internals chrome://invalidations chrome://local-state chrome://management chrome://media-engagement chrome://media-internals chrome://nacl chrome://net-export chrome://net-internals chrome://network-error chrome://network-errors chrome://new-tab-page chrome://newtab chrome://ntp-tiles-internals chrome://omnibox chrome://password-manager-internals chrome://policy chrome://predictors chrome://prefs-internals chrome://print chrome://process-internals … Continue reading List of all Chrome URLs?