Search Operators for Google Drive?

Google has a wide variety of apps and services, all of which are useful in one way or another. One thing they do better than most any other company, however, is search. Many of us use search operators on Google Search, but did you know that there are search operators you can use with Google Drive when you are looking for files or folders? Here’s a selection of operators when searching for files in Google Drive:

  • Type: File types such as documents, images, or PDFs.
  • Date modified: The date a file was last edited.
  • Item name: Searches only for the title of the file.
  • Has the words: Searches for words and phrases within documents.
  • Owner: The person the file belongs to.
  • Shared with: Who can view, comment, or edit the file.
  • Location: Whether the file is in a specific folder, “Trash,” or “Starred.” You can also search for files available to people in your organization.
  • Follow up: If the file has action items assigned to you or suggestions in files you own.

Search for Example
Exact phrase Use quotes around an exact phrase
One OR another tacos OR nachos
Exclude a word (Water but not lakes)  water lakes
File owner (Files owns)
shared files (Files Joe shared with you)
You shared files (Files you shared with Joe)
Starred items is:starred
Deleted items is:trashed
File type (Spreadsheet file type) type:spreadsheet

(PDF file types) type:pdf

Time frame (Before or after January 18, 2019)



Title title:“The title goes here”
App (Files opened in Google Drive) app:“Drive”


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