10 other Search Engines?

10 Search Engines that are very useful for specific searches:

http://www.filestube.com/ Lets you search and download files from file sharing and uploading sites.

http://www.gosasa.com/ Can’t hack Craigslist? Not sure if you’re in the market for a bike or a boat? This meta-search engine finds free online classified ads of all kinds.

http://www.chizmax.com/ What are the words to “Sugar, Sugar?” This site lets you search for song lyrics and videos.

http://www.burrp.com/ Hungry? This user-generated urban lifestyle guide will help you find the best Thai place in town.

http://www.peoplefinders.com/ Remember when this was free on Yahoo? Well, free people search is back.

http://www.weshow.com/ A human-powered search engine for finding online video (Beta – seems to be down right now)

http://www.Gettalink.com/ A constantly growing catalog of 2.0 search tools on the Web.
(Seems to be down right now)

http://www.searchcrystal.com/home.html Horrified at long lists of search query results? This tool allows you to visualize search results. (Beta, but working)

http://www.Gnosh.org/ A meta-search tool that lets you search large media sites as well as social search engines.

http://www.Tafiti.com/ Tafiti, which means “do research” in Swahili, is an experimental search front-end from Microsoft, designed to help people use the Web.