Connect Android to a Mac via USB Cable?

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 7.48.32 PM.png

  • Download Android File Transfer from “
  • Connect your Phone to your Mac with your USB cable
  • Double click on the App
  • Allow connection by tapping “Allow” on your phone



sample window

Watch Star Wars in Mac’s Terminal App?

This could be the greatest trick on Apple Laptops which makes no particular sense but even; you should try it! The Death Star, R2D2, spaceships and the rest of the Episode 4 story retold in Terminal symbols and graphics will blow you away! but there is no sound… I wish they rolled the score on the bottom but I think I’m asking too much! :)

Prior macOS Sierra, open up Terminal, type in:


On macOS Sierra and higher macOS versions, you should use a different command:

nc 23

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