Some Less Known Google Tricks?

Write in the Search Bar:

  1. Tip Calculator: You can ask Google to calculate the tip on dinner!
  2. Transformers release date: You can look up movie release dates in a jiffy.
  3. Pizza vs Hamburger: Trying to be healthy? Get help deciding what to eat.
  4. Flight 810 us airways: It can check on your flight for you.
  5. Sunrise Mexico: tell you the exact times of sunrise and sunset.
  6. Do a barrel roll: the browsers will turn 360 degrees!
  7. Tilt: you can make it lean over just a little bit
  8. Anagram: It will create anagrams out of the words you enter!
  9. Zerg Rush: Play a hidden game built into the search engine.

Maximize Your “Followers” On Twitter?

They would probably fix this bug in no time, so you better rush and do this! Go to your account from another account and keep pressing the “Follow” button! That is it! :)

If you don’t want to keep on pressing the button, open the JavaScript Console (Ctrl+Shift+J on Chrome) and insert the following:

setInterval(function(){ $(".user-actions-follow-button").click(); },10);

and press Enter!