10 other Search Engines?

10 Search Engines that are very useful for specific searches:

http://www.filestube.com/ Lets you search and download files from file sharing and uploading sites.

http://www.gosasa.com/ Can’t hack Craigslist? Not sure if you’re in the market for a bike or a boat? This meta-search engine finds free online classified ads of all kinds.

http://www.chizmax.com/ What are the words to “Sugar, Sugar?” This site lets you search for song lyrics and videos.

http://www.burrp.com/ Hungry? This user-generated urban lifestyle guide will help you find the best Thai place in town.

http://www.peoplefinders.com/ Remember when this was free on Yahoo? Well, free people search is back.

http://www.weshow.com/ A human-powered search engine for finding online video (Beta – seems to be down right now)

http://www.Gettalink.com/ A constantly growing catalog of 2.0 search tools on the Web.
(Seems to be down right now)

http://www.searchcrystal.com/home.html Horrified at long lists of search query results? This tool allows you to visualize search results. (Beta, but working)

http://www.Gnosh.org/ A meta-search tool that lets you search large media sites as well as social search engines.

http://www.Tafiti.com/ Tafiti, which means “do research” in Swahili, is an experimental search front-end from Microsoft, designed to help people use the Web.

Watch Movies and TV Series Online?

Movietube.co   (movies, series, documentaries, music clips) Though there are too many low res movies on this site, Movietube manages free full movies and TV series of 18 languages with a total number of 120,000+ titles. Featured in Hollywood BluRay movies, YouTube 1080p movies, Google Doc 720p movies, Korean Drama, Latest TV series. (Closed)

Watchseries.to   (all your favorite soaps) Watchseries is a search engine of uploading sites. Some links are “working”, some others are not (due to copyright interventions, links keep changing)! But you always end up watching your favorite TV soaps for free in seconds!

Search for Tweeps?

Twiangulate.com! Analyzing the connections between friends and followers! It lets you find common followers of two troll acts as a way to flush out a troll cliqué. Really a neat little tool Twiangulate discovers hidden tweeters, friends of friends (or friends of enemies), micro-influentials who only insiders follow… or sometimes just friends you haven’t yet seen tweeting.There will be many occasions where you’ll find yourself going back to this site!

Some Google Tricks?

  • Google Mirror? You’ve probably heard of “Google Mirror”? or probably “Google Pacman”? “Mirror Bing” ? “Google Guitar”?!?!?! These are basically a waste of time but we can’t admit they’re no fun! Type My Google in reverse elgoog for Google and im for my (because we can’t use ym as extension)… And here’s some fun stuff from Google: elgoog.im
  • Set Alarm? To set an alarm, just type set timer for followed by a number of minutes or a specific hour you’d like an alert! Just make sure the volume is on!
  • Specific Search? For a certain type of file for example a pdf document about music production, type music production filetype:pdf – Other operators that Google understands: intext:, allintext:, intitle:, allintitle:, inurl:, allinurl:, author:, location:, define:, time in:, translate:, link:  …for example: time in Spain, intext:music production, inurl:musicfiles …etc
  • Cricket Live Scores? Just type Cricket Live Score in search and this will return with complete live score of current matches!